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apple juice for hair dandruff and soft hair

Apple Juice: A Natural Remedy for Dandruff + Makes Hair Super Soft

Hair is a reflection of overall personality especially when it comes to women. However, this doesn’t mean that hair doesn’t matter to men.  Hair is important for women but it is also important for men as well.  To keep your hair healthy you might do many things but sometimes it doesn’t provide you desired result. Some people use different brands of shampoos and conditioner to get healthy hair but using so many products on your hair can cause baldness or hair fall related problems. Study shows that ingredients in apple juice can prevent hair fall and also make your hair healthy and smooth. History shows that women’s hair is an example of femininity. Because if women’s have prefect hair, their self-esteem can build up automatically. Study shows that women spend at-least 50,000 per year for her hair and 2 hours a week to maintain and address her hair properly.

hair oiling may reduce the dandruff problem

Not because they are addicted to it but they do this because healthy hair gives compliment to them. You can manage your hair by oiling. Oiling your hair is one of the easiest ways to keep your hair healthy. But do not put too much oil in your hair because too much oiling can cause dandruff.  So today we are going to talk about the causes and solutions of dandruff then you would be able to take some actions against dandruff.

Dandruffdandruff problem for apple juice

It is a hairy condition that occurs when your scalp becomes too much dry or oily. After reaching to this condition scalp produce white flakes called dandruff. It can appear on your shoulder or on your clothes. It is very embarrassing especially for those who are dealing with this condition. Study shows that dandruff mostly comes in the age between 10- 20 and can stay till the age of 30. In most of the conditions you do not need to see a doctor but if your scalp skin is swallowed and your anti-dandruff shampoo is not working, you should go to your doctor. Here are some reasons by which you can cause dandruff

  • Irritated oily skin This is the one of the most frequent condition that can cause dandruff in this condition your scalp skin becomes yellow.
  • If you are not washing your hair in correct timing, can cause dandruff. Because if you are not washing your hair, your oil and skin cells can build from your scalp and make dandruff.
  • Dry skin is also one of the main causes of dandruff. The flakes of your dry skin are generally small and less oily. In this condition there are few chances to become your skin reddish and inflame.
  • Sensitivity to hair care products- If you have allergy or sensitivity to any ingredient in hair care products, you may feel your skin itchy and reddish. To remove dandruff from your scalp you might have already tried many ideas but today I am going to tell you one amazing ingredient that can remove your dandruff very easily and leaves your hair smooth. I am talking about apple juice yes, isn’t amazing.  You can make your hair dandruff free and soft with this one ingredient.

Apple juice

drink apple juice for soft hairapple juice has some hidden benefits in it. It can make your hair dandruff free and also makes your hair shiny, soft and manageable. Apple juice contains malic acid and alpha hydroxide acid that makes your scalp itching free and also control your hair’s PH balance. If you use this ingredient on a regular basis you can get fresh, smooth and dandruff free scalp. PH balance is very important for healthy, hair study shows that normal scalp has PH between 4.5to 5.5. PH miter usually shows that how much your hair is healthy. If you use apple juice in your hair, you can get accurate PH balance. The acidity of this juice works to remove dry scalp and also cut the outer layer of your hair that’s why when you use apple juice for your hair it makes your hair smooth and manageable. If you are using all natural products for your hair, taking apple juice treatment will make your hair super shiny and soft.

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