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3 juices that are good for treating constipation

Constipation is a very common problem which can affect both men and women. It is a very uncomfortable feeling and people of all ages can affect by this condition. Constipation may be caused by not eating enough amount of fiber or not drinking enough fluids. It is not something to be embarrassed or laugh about it In fact this is a condition which can give you serious health complication or stomach related problems if you left your condition untreated. If you want to cure constipation or any kind of problem you have to understand its causes after that you will be more able to cure your condition.

Causes of constipation

constipation causesPoor diets and your lifestyle can be reason behind this condition. A lack of exercise and eating too much junk food can affect your digestive health track. It usually occurs if your colon absorbs too much water from your food.  Some other causes of constipation are lack of physical activities, dairy products, lack of fiber foods, and certain types of medicines.

Symptoms of constipation

You can identify this condition by having fewer bowel movements than normal. According to studies if you feel trouble in passing your stool, it may be a sign of constipation. Infrequent bowel movements, hard or lumpy stools and straining to have bowel movements are some symptoms by which you can identify that are you suffering from this condition or not. constipation symptomsConstipation sufferers are often prone to catch cold, flu and viral infections. When this happens then it takes much more time to recover than normal. This is a curable condition and there are many ways by which you can treat this. Till now you guys might be using random or over the counter medicines to cure this condition. Now, there is one of the best ways to cure constipation which is juices. Yes, this is the perfect way to increase the water amount and frequency of bowl movement. Juices contain sorbitol and this component is very helpful to cure constipation. Juices are perfect remedy which you can try at your home. The top 3 juices to treat constipation are

Apple juices

Apple juicesApple contains many useful properties which are effective to treat constipation. Drinking apple juice may provide you relief from this condition. Apple juice is often using to treat constipation in children and it can also help relieve in very mild cases of adults. This juice is a natural source of sorbitol that has a laxative effect when you consumed this juice in a correct amount. You might be thinking that eating apple sauce can give you the same results but that’s not true because apple sauce contains high amount of pectin than apple juice.

Prune juice

Prune juice has been a great way to cure constipation especially, in the elderly generation. To treat constipation you can choose prune or prune juice both. According to studies if you prefer prune, 50 gram per day is enough for you. If you have:

Mild constipation– 3-4 prunes is enoughPrune juice

Moderate constipation– it is recommended to eat 4-5 prunes in a day.

Severe constipation– 10-12 prunes per day if you feel that even after drinking your condition is not improving, you have consult with your doctor. This is most popular juice which can treat constipation. Try to drink 8 ounces of prune juice on a daily basis. Prunes are good source of vitamin C and iron.

Pear juice

Pear juiceThis is another best way by which you can treat this condition. Pear juice contains four times more sorbitol than apple juice. Pears are also rich in fiber and helpful to treat constipation. If you want you can also add lemons in this juice because lemons are rich in vitamins, minerals and also helps you boost immune system and keeps you healthy.

Along with fruits, vegetables and juices you can make other lifestyle changes which can treat this condition or prevent this condition. There are many ways to prevent this condition and some of them are walking, exercising, fresh vegetables and fruits. Try these juices if you are suffering from constipation you will feel better.

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